Bio’s Psychic Readers

Psychic Ivan – ‘The Irresistible’

Psychic Ivan 'The Irresistible' Psychic Reader






Ivan has always felt his Psychic ability, ever since being a young child growing up and gradually realising that he had Psychic insight.

He uses his Psychic abilities all the time, helping people with their everyday life problems and deeper questions that need answers.

Coming from a small town in deepest Transylvania he has accustomed himself to a better life here in the UK.

Ivan knows well what it takes to be a success, coming from disadvantage and oppression, as he grew up in the wrath of Nicolae Ceaușescu and his communist regime.

Ivan escaped to build a better life and found new ways to share his gift so that he could help as many people as possible.


Psychic Tanya – ‘The Love Psychic’


Psychic Tanya 'Love'- Psychic Reader






Tanya works with a deep energy that gives her the insight to get to the crux of life issues and matters of the heart.

Tanya’s style is a ‘no messing approach’ to her readings.

This means you get ‘everything’, warts and all!

Tanya is recognised as still being sensitive enough to guide you with an honest heart. She can help with any general issue or problem. Love and relationships are her speciality.

Psychic Olga – ‘The Oracle’

 Psychic Olga-'The Oracle'







Olga is one of a long line of Lithuanian mystics and she has the ability to explain the future pathways and help guide you past barriers that you see in your life.

She is a true expert of the art of mystic reading through the crystal ball as a medium.

Olga is gifted at presenting you with hidden perspectives that will open up new pathways to you.


Psychic Alexa – ‘The Alluring’

Psychic Alexa 'The Alluring'

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